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2021 State of PKI Automation Report

This year more organizations plan to implement PKI
automation than ever before. Is your organization ready?

Public Key Infrastructure, better known as PKI, lies at the heart of nearly every aspect of technology and digital security. It is critical for user authentication, signing, servers, devices, IoT, DevOps applications and services, digital document signing and more. But manually managing PKI is quickly becoming impossible, necessitating a move to centralized certificate lifecycle management. ReRez Research of Dallas, Texas surveyed IT managers from 400 global enterprises in order to better understand how enterprises are handling this challenge and found:

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Growing security issues

  • Companies who haven’t adopted PKI automation face a host of issues including rogue certificates, unexpected down time, lost productivity, security delays, compliance issues, overworked IT staff and the loss of customers and revenue

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Massive numbers of connected certificates

  • The typical enterprise in our study now manages more than 50,000 certificates

  • 37% percent of enterprises use more than three departments to manage certificates leading to confusion

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PKI automation solution is a key target in 2021

  • 70% of enterprises expect to implement a PKI automation solution within the next 12 months

  • 25% of enterprises are already implementing or finished implementing a PKI automation solution

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The Self-Assessment Paradox

  • Companies who were most concerned about PKI management objectively had fewer issues, but subjectively rated themselves worse off

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PKI automation leading security priorities in 2021

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See why 2021 is quickly becoming the year for PKI automation and what companies hope to accomplish to relieve common issues and pain points from manual management of PKI certificates.

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