Security Solutions For Code

Security solutions
for code

Digitally sign apps, drivers and software
using a secure cloud.

For stronger code, sign here

Greater control, better insights and simpler management

There’s a fine line between software and malware, and a secure, easy-to-manage and easy-to-deploy code signing platform can often make the difference.

Intelligent tracking

Monitor and enforce with efficiency and easily detect modified files.

Wide compatibility

Use with major operating systems like Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Java.

Universal trust

Increase user adoption and maintain trust by avoiding OS warning messages.

How to ensure your code is trusted and secure with code signing certificates

Code Signing identifies the author of the code using a Public Key (the “PK” in PKI) and seals the codebase to prevent third party tampering. It’s the most reliable way to protect your intellectual property and ensure your code doesn’t set off any alerts or warnings when users download or run your applications.

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A Crack in the Code?

There’s a fine line between software and malware. In 2018, a malware campaign was spawned that uses stolen code signing certificates to appear legitimate. Once downloaded, the virus slips through a backdoor to collect passwords from apps like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Outlook.

The uncommon denominator in signing

  • Gain visibility into who is signing what and how your keys are being used
  • Take control of who can digitally sign apps and what standards they use
  • Protect the integrity of your keys and store your certificates

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